Gone Again

I sat up crying tears of remembrance and catharsis on this past full moon. This entry marks our Unschooling one year Anniversary, the Worldschooling variety. We left with a one way ticket, first to visit the fam in Chicago with our true U.S. departure to Spain taking place on July 4, I always thought that […]

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We Live In Brooklyn Now

I don’t even know where to begin. All I can say is everything that I thought was going to happen, pretty much changed. The one thing that remained the same since we last met, is I am indeed living in an “empty nest.” Guess what? It surprisingly doesn’t feel empty or alone. It’s all good […]

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You Are So Brave~ The First FaceTime Workaway Interview

(Archive 4/1/2017)

I just got off a FaceTime audio call with Richard who lives somewhere around Castile and Leon, Spain and runs a project that connects travelers and community through different artistic and cultural activities.

Currently, feeling blown away. I pulled the trigger on Workaway.

Some months ago, I got the hit to travel to Spain, I felt that my son and I deserved a “Holiday.” Everyone else does it, so why not us?

The only thing was how were we going to do it? Then I remembered a “friend” that I went on two dates with whom was from Spain and told me about Workaway. I knew that I met this person for that reason, and I couldn’t be more grateful at the moment.

I needed a pep talk, so of course, I spoke with friends and one finally helped me to get my priorities straight as I attempt to navigate this Unschooling lifestyle.

My priorities:

  • Figure out where we can stay while in Spain–what Workaway options were real.
  • Visit the Eagle Rock School (maybe this unschooling thing is going to be easier than I think if my son buys into the idea of going to live in the mountains for a year or a little bit more) and I don’t have to technically “unschool,” him.

So, during a rainy day in Denver, I sat and laid around my house glued to my phone, fervently researching Workaway options and sending 10 requests to stay. Later last night, I got my first response and from a place that seemed the most intriguing, although definitely in the middle of nowhere.

Richard wanted to schedule a talk with me. So after figuring out our 8 hour time difference, we agreed that 8:15 am here would be good for his 4:15 pm there.

It was my first experience of the day. It was like an interview for nothing I’ve ever done before. He wasn’t truly interested in my talents, but more about my philosophy in life, the character of my son, and building a slow relationship.

It was wonderful to speak with someone across the world who was born in America and has created something beyond visionary. And while he asked me some very personal and in-depth questions in English and Spanish, I found myself nervous and wanting to sound amazing. I realized with him, that just being vulnerably honest was the best.

​He affirmed my vulnerability and honesty. He told me how brave I am, how intrigued he is by our story and basically weed out the fact that my son is not a delinquent child, but just someone who is not thriving in the box.

He wants to talk to my son tomorrow, so there’s that.

Step one.

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